The importance of quality in customer service

With increased competition and the constantly multiplying customer needs, customer service today has become even more important than it ever has been. For customer satisfaction and loyalty, any business must be able to provide their customer with excellent service on every level of the customer’s experience and at every point of his or her journey. […]
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The importance of communication

According to studies, miscommunication, or the absence of it, is on top of the complains of any kind of relationship, personal or professional. Being able to express yourself, getting the message you want to send across and being understood is what successful communication is all about. Communication is the tool that helps spread administrative knowledge, […]
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Why are complaint strategies required?

Customer devotion is vital for every business. Maintaining your current customers can be much more profitable than finding new ones. To maintain this brand-customer relationship, you need to be able to handle complaints effectively, have useful feedback from them and friendly service improvement policies and practices. Up to 90% of consumers admit that they would repurchase […]
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