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In-House Seminars

We create bespoke training customer service seminars to accommodate any size and type of business. All our training courses are tailored to our clients’ requirements and fully subsidised by the HRDA.

We all come across a vast variety of customers both in front as well as behind the scenes. As we deal with each person individually, our seminars take a closer look at how we can better deliver our services and products and improve peoples’ performance, through which process we develop and improve ourselves. 

Develop your staff quality through our customer service training seminars which will help your staff acquire new skills or develop existing ones. This will enhance their performance, boost their productivity and lead to cultural improvement within the company. The training customer service seminars are organized and held exclusively for your company.

We aim to constantly provide any business of any size and at any time with the appropriate practical training and interaction through which all trainees will learn to apply all the right techniques, at any given situation.

We position our clients at the forefront of their field.

We have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations and offer a variety of customer service seminars customized to fit your specific needs.


Resolving conflicts in a positive manner is a skill that can be developed and practiced, with positive immediate and long-term effects on the growth and prestige of the organisation and its people.


Identifying the skills necessary to achieve efficient strategies and to implement them within your organization.
We deliver a high value service.


Turn your customer service team into a competitive advantage and engine for growth by enhancing the levels of customer quality service.


Delivery of an outstanding service is an invaluable characteristic of any organisation.


Great Ideas Cyprus offers specialised training seminars based on quality customer service experience. The aim is to customise each company’s needs, based on effective customer service knowledge and skills, complaints and staff development strategies for its growth.
Great Ideas Cyprus offers practical customer service seminars supported by NK for different companies and/or individual clients.
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Upon completion of the seminar, a certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants.

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    What do people think about our work?

    It is always a joy to hear that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experience.

    Many organizations realize the benefits of constantly training their employees

    Training has a great impact on employee motivation and morale, enhancing their knowledge and skills required for their growth and development.

    An outstanding service delivery can make a top-performing company.