Creating customer service experiences

Why are customer service seminars essential?
Over the last two years, different sectors of the economy have already been hit hard by changes in consumer behaviour, which in turn brings financial pressure and increased uncertainty, leading to reduction in staff. However, when social isolation comes to an end and demand rises, many companies will need to do the utmost to satisfy the needs of their customers. Excellent customer service is essential to this. 

What does the seminar cover
Our seminar aims to deliver guidelines about what customer service stands for and the ability of solving the conflict resolution confidently and effectively. It also intends to increase competitiveness in their respective market by enhancing the levels of customer quality service. This will have a financial benefit for both the company and its employees, creating more permanent professions and increasing productivity.

Upon completion of the seminar, the participants will be in a position, among others, to:
  • Recognize and explain the impact factors in resolution. 
  • To recognize, give examples and discuss of what a good customer service experience stands for.
  • Identify and assess positive and negative behaviours when dealing with customers and their needs. 
  • Decide on and apply the correct responses to various conflict circumstances during role play scenarios.
  • Improve and develop their communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Memorize and adopt the right techniques.
The seminar can be amended accordingly to customize every organisation’s needs. For any other questions or queries, please contact us using the form below.
Our in-house training customer service seminars are organized and held exclusively for your company and your employees.

Develop your staff quality through our training customer service seminars, which will help your staff acquire new skills or develop existing ones, whether dealing with difficult or anxious customers as a front line staff over the phone or in person. This will enhance their performance, boost their productivity and lead to cultural improvement within the company.

Our in-house seminars aim to :
  • Define customer service meaning for all your customers.
  • Recognize and define what a good customer service experience stands for.
  • Understand how your attitude affects customer service.
  • Identify your customers’ needs.
  • Manage difficult customers.
  • Give an exceptional customer service delivery over the phone.
  • Implement an exceptional customer service delivery to ensure customer loyalty.
  • Set up a solid brand image by applying in-person customer service.
If you are looking to design and implement your own customer service seminar for your staff, please fill the Registration Form here, and we will contact you to discuss your organisation’s needs and help you with the paperwork process to receive your 100% subsidy from HRDA.

To implement your own in-house seminar entirely for your organization, the minimum number of trainees should be 6, and all staff should be registered at your organization’s social insurance payroll, to benefit from the subsidy. Maximum number of participants can be applied, depending on the type of seminar best for your needs. As these training seminars are subsidized, there are no additional costs for the trainer.

Our procedures to design and execute your own in-house seminar are simple. Please see our guide below:
  • Fill out the registration form here, specifying your details on the free text message:
    1. The subject of the customer service seminar
    2. The industry you are coming from
    3. Dates of implementing the seminar, subject to trainer’s availability.
  • We are going to liaise with you and help you in the preparation for all the necessary paperwork to be submitted accordingly to obtain the full subsidy.
  • All necessary paperwork must be submitted to HRDA 21 days prior of the date of the seminar implementation.
  • HRDA will send you an approval of the in-house training seminar before the day of seminar implementation, to advise you of the total amount of subsidy that you will be entitled to.
  • We will send you an invoice that equals to the amount of the pre-approved subsidy that should be paid at least a day before the seminar commences.
  • At the end of training, we will liaise with you to send any additional documents needed to confirm execution and participation of your staff at the training seminar, for HRDA to proceed with the subsidy accordingly.
After successful completion and submission of all necessary documents to HRDA, the pre-approved amount of subsidy will be deposited in your business bank account, approximately within 4-5 months.

Registration Form

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