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Our Strategy

A successful way of enhancing people’s performance can be achieved by using accelerated learning methods. With all our in house seminars approved by HRDA, our trainer has many years of experience in all respective customer service markets. The trainer’s goal is to provide practical seminars tailored to the needs of individuals and companies that are necessary for gaining both skills and knowledge within the customer service industry, generate the maximum result and enhance the chances of career development by applying the right techniques at their workplace. 
According to your own requirements, a custom-made programme will be implemented, suitable to meet the needs of your organisation, allowing you to use our training method repeatedly. Specifically, we will undertake the following:

  1. Based on our initial research, we identify the best possible practices related to your business through also evaluating your current needs in key areas.
  2. Creation of materials adapted specifically to cater to your organisation.
  3. Unbiased evaluation of existing trainees.
  4. Training should be fun, so we include many forms of interaction within our seminars.
  5. At the end of the seminar you will be given both a report and a presentation, highlighting the outcomes and learnings of the program. 

Our in-house training programs are 100% subsidized by the HRDA, whilst our multi-company training programs are subsidized up to 80%. To receive subsidy your company must be registered and based in Cyprus.

about us


Georgios Ioannou is a highly experienced Customer Service Professional and Trainer with over ten years of experience training others to thoughtfully evaluate and improve the development of front of house and back of house staff for well-known organizations specifically in the aviation sector; one of the most
demanding and customer oriented sectors.  

He is a dedicated team leader with the ability to effectively manage and complete project goals, leveraging his complex understanding of the importance of customer service and its relation to maintaining a strong brand image. Bringing forth a proven track record of effectively researching and analyzing business needs and procedures, he is currently designing and implementing training programs with the support of NK Training Centre (Nicolaides & Kountouris Metal Company Ltd).  

Georgios has a degree in Travel and Tourism Management in Cyprus and has
obtained the IATA/UFTAA (International Air Transport Association) Foundation &
EBT Course exams, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge. He has
attended numerous training courses and he is accredited with ‘Train the Trainer’
certification to train in fields such as Disability & Equality Awareness and
Customer Service seminars for a variety of well-known respected airlines to train
staff in the aviation and airport community in Cyprus.  

Georgios Ioannou has worked in different companies in the aviation sector such
as Swiss International Airlines in London City Airport, Swissport Cyprus and
Cobalt, among others. He was also assigned with training customer service and
DCS in Cyprus on behalf of world recognized airlines such as British Airways, Qatar Airways and Austrian Airlines, among others.  

Georgios is a highly motivated trainer and with his excellent communication and interpersonal skills, offers personalized seminars to a variety of companies within different sectors. His work with well-known airlines, has helped them achieve optimum results in customer retention and loyalty. 

In September 2020, he was accredited as Trainer of Vocational Training, EQF, Level 5, by HRDA, ΣΕΠ: 003835.

Why customer service


The increased competition and the constantly multiplying customer needs, make customer service nowadays more important than it ever was. Every organisation’s main objective is to create loyal customers.


Enhanced knowledge and upgrade of the skills are required to create a positive and binding experience which will exceed the customer expectations.


Quality and professional service can maintain customer retention. Key customer service knowledge in staff is crucial in doing so.


Appreciate the importance of the customer, while leading by example for your organisation’s growth.


Good service shouldn’t be enough. Make it an exceptional one!